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I need space.

I want you
to be whole with me
but the more I want you
the more you fade away

I want me
to be whole with me
but the more I want that
the more I fade away

Things are supposed to get easier at some point
but we grow up, and our insecurities grow with us
and I'm always on my way to get better
and always 4 steps behind

Keep it there, sunshine
I know you don't love yourself now
But I know you will, eventually

And even if you don't
that's fine.

We'll get through it somehow.
There's so much more in you than what you can see.

You are the stars
you are the planets
you are saturn
you are mars
and venus
you just got to find out
how to shine

in a room so quiet and bright
you're the one who's not shining
but you will

won't you?

On February 27 2018 at Belleville, New Jersey, United States 30 Views

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