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Enter night

even in the darkest night
this light shines

But what do I win doing this?
I would rather be engulfed by de darkness

I don't know what I feel...
I don't know If I can feel...

these days...are diferent
there is something strange in the wind

I sense something inside of me....growing
a diferent emotion, that I had never felt before
is this....what I want?...is this what I get for being like I am?

I don't know who to trust in these days

I can't imagine my life without her...
but I don't want that...yet...
theres a colorful maiden....that her eyes...petrify me
and her personality is something that I was looking for
but is there were my life whant to be?
and... if it is another ilusion...

memories, memories, memories, flashing trough my mind
destroying everything in my present being

I want to forget...and never to remember

I can't control myself anymore...
I can't trust anymore, I must not trust anyone

I just whant a peaceful life
this is very anoying...

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