Signing Up

1. How do I sign up for an account?

Signing up for an account is easy! You can find "Create a Page" or "Sign Up" links on the homepage or the navigation if you are logged out. You can create an account by clicking on ‘Try it it’s free!’ in the homepage.

2. Why do you need my email address?

We need your email address to verify the account. It also acts as a way to contact you in case you need assistance or we need to discuss your account with you.

3. Can I use my friend's email address?

We discourage people using their friend’s accounts because communication can get difficult or fail entirely.

4. How long do I have to validate my account?

You have 30 days to validate your account. At the end of the thirtieth day, your account is deleted and that username is opened up for someone else to use.

5. What if my hometown isn't available?

If your location isn’t available, please pick the closest possible location. We tried to include every possible place, but it’s a very big world and borders are changing all the time.

6. What should I keep in mind while picking out a password?

Your password is the key to your entire account and we require a password to be entered in order to make changes. Here are some tips you can use to pick a good password:

* The longer your password, the more secure it is.

* Avoid using dictionary words. Phrases or sentences ("I really like pie" = irl314) can keep your password from being easily guessed through information on your account.

* Do not use any part of your username in your password and also avoid obvious number combinations (123, 654).

7. Can I share my password with my friends?

Even if they are your friends, you probably should not share your account password with anyone. If your friend wants to use Fotolog, they should get their own account and enjoy it for themselves!

Your Fotolog Page

1. Why can't I see my page?

Once you upload your first photo, your page will become visible.

2. How do I look at older pictures on my account?

Click on see all photos beneath your photo.

3. How do I edit a photo or caption?

If you are logged in, you can click on the "Edit" link beneath your photos.

4. Is there any way to avoid seeing advertisement on my page?

Yes. If you upgrade to Gold Camera membership, ads will not be displayed on your page.

5. What is a permalink?

A permalink is a link to a specific picture in a member’s account. They’re found right below the picture and labeled accordingly. Permalinks can be used to share pictures with friends or bookmark certain pictures in an account for your own viewing.

6. Can I use permalinks to host content?

Permalinks cannot be used to host content.

7. What does the "Report" link do?

The "Report photo" link flags the picture in question as being a violation of the terms of use or the community guidelines. This will alert Fotolog admins to take action.


1. What parts of my page can I customize?

You can customize the colors of your page. You can choose to display your profile photo and an excerpt of your bio, if you wish. If you’re a Gold Camera member, you can also upload a custom banner (1000x200px) that will be seen on the top of your page and change your background image.

2. How can I change the colors of my page?

To adjust the colors of your page, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Fotolog account.

2. Click on “Edit my profile" link at the top of the page.

3. Go to the "Design" tab.

4. Under "Modify colors" you will see fields for changing your background, text and link colors for the main and side areas of your page. Browse through the gallery and choose your favorite background image.

5. Click the "Save changes" button.

3. How do I change the language settings?

The language link is within the footer of every page.

4. Can I change the font or size of my text?

Unfortunately, no.

5. Can I use bold/italic/underline in my text?

Yes! You can use bold, italic, or underline by using formatting buttons at the bottom of the comment box.

6. How do I make a custom banner?

Your banner can be as large as 1000px wide and 200px high. It must be a JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF or BMP. You can make your banner with graphics programs like Photoshop. If you don't have one already, we recommend freeware graphics programs such as GIMP, or online graphics editing programs like Pixlr.

7. Why can’t I upload a custom banner on my page?

There are two reasons why you might not be able to upload a custom banner:

1. You’re not a Gold Camera member.

2. The dimensions or file size of your image exceeds the maximum stated.

8. How can I upload a custom banner on my page?

First, find the custom banner you want to upload. See question 6 above for more information on making custom banners.

To install a custom banner, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Click the “Edit my profile” link at the top of the page.

3. Go to the “Design” tab.

4. Select your photo and click “Save changes.”

Your Photos

1. How do I upload a picture?

Uploading a photo is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Sign into your account.

2. Click the “Publish” link in the navigation.

3. Select your photo and click ‘Upload.
4. Apply a filter. Enter a title, comment and tags scroll down click “Save changes.”

2. How do I upload a profile photo?

Uploading a profile photo is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Sign into your account.

2. Click “Edit my profile” link in the user menu at the top of the page.

3. On the "Appearence" tab, click to the "Image Profile" section.

4. Select your image and click “Upload.”

3. Why can't I upload animated gifs or videos?

Fotolog is about photos.

4. How long can my title be?

Up to 64 characters.

5. How long can my comments be?

At this time, we accept comments of 1500 characters or less for all users and 5000 characters for GoldCam members, with certain special characters counting as more than one.

6. Can I delete photos?

Yes, by going to your archive in ‘Edit your profile’ and clicking on ‘My photos’ or clicking on the "Edit" link below the photo.

Your Profile

1. Where does my profile photo show up?

Your profile picture shows up on your Profile page. It can also show up in your mini profile located at the top right of your Fotolog page.

2. Where do my favorite movies/bands/TV shows show up?

All of that information shows up on your profile page.


1. Can I choose who can post to my guestbook?

Yes, by going to ‘Edit parameters’ and click on ‘Comments’. You can choose to allow no one to use your guestbook, only your friends and favorites, or everyone signed into Fotolog.

2. Can I stop certain members from posting to my guestbook?

Yes. You just have to use the “block an user” link in the ‘Edit my profile’ menu and this member will not be able to comment in the guestbook of any picture on your account.

3. Why can't non-members post to my guestbook?

In order to keep people from spamming or abusing accounts, we have restricted guestbooks only to signed-in members.

4. How do I delete unwanted guestbook messages?

Simply use the “delete” link at the right side of any guestbook message to clear it from your page.

5. What is a private comment?

A private comment is just like a normal comment - but only the person who wrote it and the person who received it can read it. No one else will see the content of it or see who wrote it.

6. Who can see private comments?

Private comments are only visible to the person who leaves the comment and the owner of the guestbook where the comment was left.

7. How can I leave a private comment?

It works just like any other comment - including adding gifts. Just check the box in the lower-left corner of the guestbook comment form that says Private Comment.

8. Is there any way to make private comments public?


9. Can I see private comments when I'm not logged in to Fotolog?

No, we need to know your identity in order to decide if you can see the comment, so you have to log in to see private comments.

10. What is a reply?

A reply is a way to respond directly to comments left in your guestbook. When you click "reply" under a message and enter a comment, it will be added directly below the original message.

11. Can other people reply to my replies?

No. The owner of the guestbook can reply to a given comment, and other users can reply too.

12. Why can't I make my reply public?

Replies to private comments are always also private. Replies to public comments can be public or private, however.

13. I don't want to get an email every time someone replies to a comment of mine. How can I change that?

You can change the "Receive activity notifications" setting in the Notifications section of your parameters.


1. What are “Friends/Favorites” or F/F?

“Friends/Favorites” is a list of your favorite members. You can add any individual or group account to your list by clicking on the "Favorite" link within the profile area of a member page.

2. Why can't I add myself to my Friends/Favorites?

Friends/Favorites is a way of keeping up with others on the site. We figure you can keep up with yourself on your own.

3. Is there a way to control who can add me to their Friends/Favorites list?

Just as you can add anyone to your Friends/Favorites list, any member can add you.

4. Is there a way to choose which of my Friends/Favorites appear on my Fotolog page?

The Friends/Favorites list is sorted automatically so the most recently updated accounts appear at the top.

5. What is “Reverse F/F”?

Reverse F/F is a list of members who have added you as their Friends/Favorite.

6. What is the F/F Mosaic?

The F/F Mosaic is a feature that lets you see the most recent pictures from your Friends/Favorites list. It’s a great way to see all of your favorites at a glance.


1. What are groups?

Groups are where Fotolog members can join together in appreciation of common subjects like dogs, cats, or even their favorite coffee! Each group has a theme and all the pictures submitted follow the theme. The great part about groups is that you can show your best pictures of all kinds of things to a wide audience that shares your interests.

2. Where can I find groups?

Groups can be found under the “Groups” link in the navigation on any member page.

3. How can I join a group?

There’s no formal “joining” when it comes to Fotolog groups. Any member can upload to any group.

4. How can I upload to a group?

To upload to a group, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Go to the group you’d like to upload to.

3. Look at the top right of the page and click on the link labeled “Upload a picture to this group”.

5. Is the photo also uploaded to my Fotolog page?

No. Photos uploaded to groups only show up in groups.

6. Can I add favorite groups to my Fotolog page?

Yes. You can add any group by going to their page and clicking on “Favorite”. Groups will show up below the individual Friends/Favorites on your Fotolog page.

7. Who maintains groups?

Members do! Individual members start up and maintain groups.

8. How do I sign up for my own group?

Once you’re comfortable with how groups work, and have perhaps helped maintain a group or two, you can go to ‘Edit my profile’ page and click on "Create a Group." Groups are approved by Fotolog administrators, so it might take a couple of days before your group is approved.

9. What are the responsibilities involved with running a group?

Group managers, members just like you, put up and enforce group rules, encourage group members, and deal with off-topic and abusive photos uploaded to groups. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun too.

Membership Status

1. What's a Gold Camera membership?

A Gold Camera membership is a paid membership that includes more features than the basic membership.

2. What are the benefits of being a Gold Camera member?

Gold Camera benefits include up to 14 filters for your photos, no advertisement in your page, a custom banner and more background for your page. More informations [url= http://www.fotolog.com/account/goldcam].

3. How do I stop being a Fotolog member?

We are sorry to see you leave but if you really want to close your Fotolog page, please follow these simple steps to close your Fotolog account yourself:

1. Sign in to your Fotolog account.

2. Click "Edit my parameters" link at the top of the page in the user menu and go to the "Contact Informations" tab.

3. Scroll down to "Desactivate your account". Click on the link.

4. Follow the steps.

Account Info

1. What do I do if I can't remember my password?

Use the “Forgot My Password” link beneath the log in form.

2. What does it mean when an account is CLOSED?

If an account is closed, it was shut down by the account holder or someone with access to the account.

3. What does it mean when an account has been DEACTIVATED?

If an account was deactivated, it was shut down by a Fotolog administrator for a violation of the terms of use or the community guidelines.

4. What do I do if my account was deactivated?

Deactivation is permanent.

5. What do I do if my account was hacked?

Use the “Contact” link, located on the upper right hand corner of every page, and report that your account was hacked. Make sure to list your username and to write in from the email address associated with the account.

6. What are “stats”?

Stats include information we collect about your page: how many photos you have uploaded, flash you get, views your photos had, comments you get ….

7. How often are the “stats” updated?

Stats are updated almost instantly, but don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen them change. They’ll be different by tomorrow.


1. Where can I find the guidelines for content allowed on the site?

A link to the community guidelines appears within the footer of every page. Other, more specific guidelines can be found on the terms of service page.

2. What happens if I don't follow these guidelines?

The guidelines are there to ensure that everyone on the website is respected, and that no content on the site will cause harm to other members who might be using the site. Not following the guidelines is considered worthy of the deactivation of your account. As reading the guidelines and the terms of service are a part of signing up for an account, ignorance is no excuse for abusive behavior. Deactivations are permanent.

3. What if I see someone else not following the guidelines?

If you or someone you know is being abused by another member, please use the Help link at the top of the page to let us know. The more information you give us, the more we can help you, so please remember to provide proof of the abuse and the username of the offending member in your email.


1. Is there any way to limit who can see my photos?

There is no way to limit who sees your photos. Please make sure that any photos you upload are something that you would like others to see. The web is a massive space, so you should keep in mind that what you put there can end up in unlikely places.

2. Is there any way to limit who can upload to groups?

At this time, there is no way to restrict who can upload to a group. That said, if your submission is deemed abusive or off topic, it will be deleted.

3. Is there any way to limit who can comment in my guestbook?

Yes. These changes can be made in the parameters of your account in ‘Comments’.

4. Is there any way to block someone specific from posting in my guestbook?

Yes. Simply click on “block a user” link in ‘Edit my profile. This member will no longer be able to comment on your guestbook until you make the appropriate.

5. Can other users see when I'm online?

When you're logged in and using Fotolog, you can choose to be display in your friends’ wall as F/F online that tells you're on the site. If you choose to use it, it will always tell your friends that you're present on the site. If you choose not to, it will never appear. You can change your online presence preference in the ‘Contact Informations’ section of your parameters.

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